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Home Games Played at Hyannis Park

Final Record: 2-1-1

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The 1895 Season

 From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, October 28, 1895

"Our foot ball team is arranging for a series of games this season, and several of the series will be played on the home grounds at Hyannis Park. The boys are passing around the hat to secure the necessary funds to cary out their plans, and are meeting with good success. The High school team this year is said to be in fine form."

 From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, November 4, 1895

"Our football team went to Falmouth on Saturday and was beaten by the home team, score 6 to 0."

 From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, November 11, 1895

Our Boys at Falmouth

"The High school foot ball team went to Falmouth, Saturday, Nov. 2, and was defeated by a score of 6-0. The score shows exactly what the game was, interesting and hotly contested throughout. Falmouth obtained her touchdown on a fluke in the first half after about 15 minutes play, from that point on all attempts to score by either side were useless, although the ball was for the greater part of the time in Barnstable's territory. Falmouth rather outplayed her opponents and only once was her goal in danger, Barnstable being forced to punt on the 15yd. line. A return game will probably be played later in Hyannis and an interesting contest can be looked for."

From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, November 25, 1895

Foot Ball

"The high school boys played their second game of football Saturday at Harwich Port and succeeded in making the score a tie, 4-4. Only the highest words of commendation can be said for the boys. Their playing showed, as never showed before, their determination to beat Harwich, and to play good, straight football. Barnstable may well be proud of Parker, who captained the team, and who distinguished himself by dashing through Harwich's centre and making a sensational run of 80 yards and a touch down. Snow failed a gaol. Harwich claims her centre to be impenetrable, but the boys dashed all their hopes by making repeated gains through this point, Snow deserves the praise of all the team, for by his clever tackling he many times saved what promised to be a good run. Cook more than distinguished himself against beefy Nickerson and played a good game. In fact, every player was at his best.

    For Harwich, Capt. Larkin was undoubtedly the star; his run around O'Neil's end for a touchdown was well deserved. Hamer failed a goal.

    Both touch-downs were made in the first half and in the second Barnstable's goal was at no time in danger and the ball was in Harwich's territory most of the time.

   The line-up:


Cook Center Nickerson Center
Nickerson Left Guard Crabe Right Guard
F. O'Neil Left Guard Robbins Left Tackle
Hinckley Left Tackle Chase Right End
Thacher Left End Cahoon Left Guard
Letteney Right Guard V. Nickerson Left End
O'Neil Right End Bearse Quarterback
Paine Quarterback Hamer Right Halfback
Parker, Capt. Left Halfback Handren Left Halfback
Nye Right Halfback Larkin, Capt. Fullback
Brough Left Tackle
F. O'Neil
Right Tackle
- -
Mitchell Right Tackle - -
Dixon - Referee. Horne, Umpire; Time - 25 and 20 minute halves.

"Another game will be played at Hyannis Thanksgiving day at 2:30 o'clock. Falmouth comes here Saturday, 30th."

 From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, December 2, 1895

"The Hyannis foot ball team played two very interesting games on the home grounds last week, both games being witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. On Thursday they played against Harwich boys, defeating them by a score of 4-0. On Saturday, the Falmouth team was here and out boys were again victorious, this time the score standing, 6-4."

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