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Home Games Played on Watts Field, Camp Street, Hyannis

Final Record: 2-2-1

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The 1897 Season

 From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, October 11, 1897

"The opening game of foot ball for the season took place on the Watts field on Saturday, between the B.H.S. team and the P.D.Qs. The latter was a picked eleven of our young men about town, Peter P. Chase, captain, and they put up a pretty good game with the High school boys, Winthrop Cannon, captain, winning by a score of 12 to 0.

    There was a large number of spectators who witnessed the game. We understand a second game will take place Saturday."

From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, October 18, 1897

"On Saturday the B.H.S. team played its second game of the season, against an eleven representing the B.H.S. Alumni and although they put up a good game, were unable to score against their somewhat heavier, but less experienced opponents. Though neither side scored, the game was a good one and exciting to watch. In the second half the Alumni team had the advantage, and (when) time was called the ball was quite near the High school goal. The best playing for B.H.S. was done by Peter Chase, Winnie Bassett, Cook and Cannon. For the Alumni, by Elisha Bassett, Snow, Bachelder and Heman Chase. The features of the game were long runs by Peter Chase and Elisha Bassett. The line-up:

Parker Left End E. Bassett Right End
Tallman Left Tackle Hinckley, Capt. Right Tackle
Lovell Left Guard Nickerson Right Guard
Cook Center Bacon Center
Letteney Right Guard Tillson Left Guard
Paine Right Tackle S. Chase Left Tackle
Mores Right End O'Neil Left End
Cannon, Capt. Quarterback H. Chase Quarterback
W. Bassett Halfback Snow Halfback
Lovejoy Halfback Bradford Halfback
P. Chase Fullback Bachelder Fullback
Note: Some B.H.S. players played for the Alumni team that day.

Mr. Bachelder had a bone broken in his hand during the second half, but finished out the game. Others were more or les injured, but all played to the end. There is talk of the Alumni team holding together and inviting out of town elevens to play."

From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, November 1, 1897

Foot Ball.

"Oct. 23d the B.H.S. eleven played a game with the Ostervilles in Osterville. The score was 18 to 0 in favor of the Hyannis boys, who put up a good game and played well together. Touchdowns were made by Peter Chase, Cannon and Heman Chase. Cannon being injured in the second half Hinckley was put into play in his place, and was sent through the centre for a 50 yard run, being downed by McKendrick on Osterville's ten yard line just as time was called. The features were runs by Chase and Cannon, and the excellent team play shown by the B.H.S. For Osterville, Crocker, McKendrick and Parker showed up best.

    The line up:

Parker Left End Paine Right End
Tallman Left Tackle Cross Right Tackle
Nickerson Left Guard J. Horne Right Guard
Cook Center Pattison Center
Lovejoy Right Guard James Horne Left Guard
Mores Right End Adams Left Tackle
H. Chase Quarterback Crocker Left End
Cannon, Capt. Right Halfback L. Parker Quarterback
Hinckley Right Halfback Hodges Left Halfback
Bassett Left Halfback McKendrick Right Halfback
P. Chase Fullback H. Parker Fullback

"On the 30th the eleven went to Falmouth and played the Lawrence High School. Our boys were no match for that team, being out-weighed and out-played at every point, except full back, where Peter P. Chase played the star game of either side, again and again preventing touch downs by breaking through the excellent interference of the Falmouth team, and tackling in a manner that was applauded even by the staunchest rooters for Falmouth. Cook, Nickerson, Bond and H. Chase showed up well but the others were for the most part unable to cope with their heavier and stronger opponents. The score was 32 to nothing. Your reporter could not obtain the line-up."

From The Barnstable Patriot, Monday Evening, November 15, 1897

Foot Ball.

"An interesting game of football between the Hyannis and Falmouth teams was played on Watts' field Saturday afternoon before a large number of spectators, resulting in a victory for the home team by a score of 6 to 4. The features of the game were, the run of about 75 yards for a touchdown by Peter Chase of the home team in the first half and the excellent interference of the Falmouth boys in the second half of the game. The line up as follows:

Hyannis (B.H.S.)
Bachelder Left End Crowell Right End
Tallman Left Tackle Cahoon Right Tackle
Tillson Left Guard Walsh Right Guard
Cook Center Howes Center
Letteney Right Guard Davis Left Guard
Mores Right Tackle Lawrence Left Tackle
F. Bond Right End Edwards Left End
Cannon, Capt. Quarterback Smith Quarterback
P. Chase Right Halfback Crowell Left Halfback
Bassett Left Halfback Goffin Right Halfback
M. Bond Fullback E. Goffin Fullback


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