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All home games played at Hallett's Field, Main Street, Hyannis


Final Record:  4-1-0

Head Coach: Dr. Heman B. Chase (Harvard)

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The 1905 Season

The 1905 season was well-documented, perhaps the most detailed season on record in the early years of Barnstable High School football. Fielding a football team was not easy in those days -- there were only 100 registered students at Barnstable High School two years afterward with 100 students. Interestingly, students from all over Cape Cod attended B.H.S., a wood-framed structure on School Road in Hyannis, currently the site of the old Barnstable Fifth Grade School, later reconstructed in brick in 1924 and re-opened in 1925.

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, September 18, 1905

"At the new High school last Friday the boys held a meeting and organized the Barnstable High School Athletic Club. A constitution was drawn up and the following oficers were chosen:

President - George Bradford, Hyannis

Vice-president - Lawrence Hinckley, Barnstable

Secretary - Ernest Jones, Osterville

Treasurer - Fred Tinkham, Hyannis

A request has ben made to the School Committee to level the school grounds.

    Assessments are levied on each member of the club, but as this will not insure a sufficient amount to defray all expenses the people of Hyannis, Barnstable, Centerville, and Osterville have been appealed to and they have kindly aided financially.

    The object of the club is to organize teams of foot ball, basketball, hockey and to stimulate and encourage all interest in athletics in the school, Capt. Keane was re-elected this year to lead the football, and Willard Cannon, president of the senior class, was elected captain of the hockey team.

    The boys are trying to push the football to the height of success, and with the loyal aid of principal Boody, Supt. Galger and the coaching of Mr. Heman B. Chase, they are bound to succeed."

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, October 2, 1905

"The foot-ball game on Saturday between the Barnstable High School team and the Lawrence High School of Falmouth, resulted in a score of 17 to 0 in favor of Hyannis. The teams were made up as follows:

Hyannis (BHS)
Gifford Left End Willard Cannon Right End
Bragg Left Tackle Alton Hallett Left End
Swift Right End Harry Drew Left Tackle
Lawrence Quarterback Leo Lewis Left Guard
Chaseros Left Guard Fred Sherman Center
Ellis Center R. Bartlett Right Guard
Howes Right Guard James Keane Quarterback
Fuller Left Halfback Seth Crocker Left Halfback
Murray Right Halfback Lawrence Hinckley Right Halfback
S. Burgess Fullback J. Locke Fullback
Joel Sherman Right Tackle

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, October 16, 1905

"Lawrence High Wins"

The B.H.S. foot-ball team played the return game with Lawrence High School in Falmouth, Saturday. The line-up was as follows:

Hyannis (BHS)
Coombs Left End J. Sherman Left End
Swift Left Tackle G. Drew Left Tackle
Cammeron Left Guard H. Sille Left Guard
Ellis Center F. Sherman Center
Howes Right Guard L. Lewis Right Guard
Bragg Right Tackle H. Drew Right Tackle
Gifford Right End W. Cannon Right End
Lawrence Quarterback J. Keane Quarterback
Murray Left Halfback S. Crocker Left Halfback
Fuller Fullback C. Marchant Fullback
Right Halfback
L. Hinckley Right Halfback

The score was 6 to 0 in favor of the Lawrence High boys."


 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, October 30, 1905

"the football game on Saturday between the B.H.S. and Tabor Academy resulted in a victory for the Hyannis team."


 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, November 6, 1905

"The following is the report of the foot-ball game between the B.H.S. and Tabor Academy on Saturday, Oct. 28th.

    Keane made a touch down in the first half, and made the score 5 to 0, where it remained throughout the game. In the second half the ball was kept in the Marion district and the High school failed to carry it over the goal line. The game reminded some of college games on account of the loud cheering. The home team has been playing some very good games this season, thanks to the help of the townspeople.

    The line-up:

Tabor Academy
Holden Tripp Right End Carl Drew Left End
Fred Wing Right End Alton Hallett Left End
Royal Haskell Right Tackle M. Gaulart Left Tackle
Atone Dolphin Right Guard H. Ellis Left Guard
Samuel Corse Center Fred Sherman Center
Raynor Gifford Left Guard Leo Lewis Right Guard
Rufus Savery Left Tackle Willard Cannon Right Tackle
Harry Wing Left Tackle George Drew Right Tackle
Walter Fowler Left End Chester Marchant Right End
Francis Patten Left End Joel Sherman Right End
Walter Sherwall
James Keane Quarterback
Edson Keith Right Halfback Seth Crocker Left Halfback
Philip Hathaway Fullback J. Locke Fullback
W.C. Rennie Left Halfback Lawrence Hinckley Right Halfback
A. Robbins Fullback

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, November 13, 1905

"Football at Hyannis, Saturday. The score was Hyannis 44, West Harwich 0. Lineup and score in detail next week. Games are being arranged for Thursday and Saturday of this week and Thanksgiving Day."

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, November 20, 1905

"The features of the game between Hyannis and West Harwich the 11th, were, in the first half, Harwich kicked off to Hyannis.

    Fred Sherman carried the ball a short distance before the first down and Keane then advanced it about 15 yards. Hinckley made the first touch down and Keane kicked the goal.

    Harwich kicked off to Hyannis again and Crocker got the ball. The second touch down was made by Keane, who also kicked the goal. Again Harwich kicked to B.H.S. Hinckley made a touchdown, and Keane kicked the goal.

    Hyannis kicked to Harwich and Keane made a touchdown after a 150-yard run (BQC Note: we are assuming this was a typographical error). Keane kicked the goal. Crocker made the next touch down and Keane aded another, bringing the score up to 34 when time was called.

    In the second half, Hyannis kicked off to Harwich and the ball was rushed into the centre of the field. Hyannis took the ball and Keane punted it into the Harwich territory.

    Then they started in some good work and brought the ball up 20 yards by successive bucks. B.H.S. regained the ball and Lewis on a fumble, made a long run for the goal. Harwich kicking to B.H.S., they ran the ball up for a short distance. Then Keane punted the ball and Drew was in left half back and with three minutes left to play, a half back buck was made by Drew for a touch down. On account of darkness, goal was not tried for.

West Harwich
Baker Right End Carl Drew Left End
Chase Right Tackle Alton Hallett Left Tackle
Kendrick Right Guard Joel Sherman Right Tackle
G. Baker Center Fred Sherman Center
Sears Left Guard Leo Lewis Right Guard
Robbins Left Tackle Chester Marchant Right End
D. Chase Left End James Keane Quarterback
Seth Crocker Left Halfback
Williams Right Halfback Seth Crocker Left Halfback
H. Chase Fullback D. Covell Fullback
Phillips Left Halfback Lawrence Hinckley Right Halfback
Score: BHS 44; W.H., 0; Touchdowns, Hinckley 2, Keane 3, Crocker, Lewis, Drew. Goals, Keane 4. Referee: W. Walter; Umpire, Sears; Linesmen, Robbins, O'Brien, Chase and Barber; time-keeper, Sears. Time: 20 and 10-minute halves.

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, November 27, 1905

"The annual foot ball game on Thanksgiving day will be between the Hyannis team and the Falmouth on the Hallett field. The time of the game and other particulars will be announced by posters. This will be the best game of the season and the battle hard fought on both sides."

 From The Hyannis Patriot, Monday Evening, December 4, 1905

"In the foot-ball game Thanksgiving day the score was 16 to 0 in favor of the Hyannis boys. The visitors were from Falmouth."

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