Barnstable High School

Varsity Football

1967 Photo Archives



1967 Freshmen team

First row (sitting, from left): Glenn Davis, Tom Johnson, Billy Rosary, John Mitchell

Mike Mara, Mike Barros, Ernie Brown and Bob Klimm.

Second row (kneeling, from left): Ken Dorr, Ralph Dagwan, Pete Ryan, Bob Campbell,

John Powers, Steve Cressy, John O'Neil, Tom Munsell and Marty Neves.

Third row (standing, from left): Coach Hal Conforth, Scott Wiinkainen, Paul Soares,

Mike Renzi, Dave Hinckley, Mark Ames, Kevin Sanders, Ned Doudican, Mike Keane and

Coach Dana Wingren.

Junior Quarterback Peter Auger and Sophomore Center

Larry Bennett.

BHS Pep Squad Indians: (from Left) Chris Canning, Kathy Simmons, Susuan Buckler

Judy Cressy and Joan Cross. Standing: Jane Hurley.

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