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Song/Ode or Motto

Now we are leaving you,
Barnstable High—

Friends we will often miss
As years go by
Whene'er we think of you,
With loyal tie
Mem'ries return to days
Which ne'er can die.

So if our road through life is rough or wrong,
Your gifts will render us forever strong.
As we march on today with parting song.
What we have learned in school will last us long.
To work, to hope, to love, say no goodbye
But sad farewell to you, Barnstable High.
Sung to the tune of "Old Refrain"

Carol Scudder

Class Motto: "He can conquer who believes he can."


"Live pure, speak true, right wrong...

Else wherefore born?"

Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Let us sing a song of joy and of praise

For the school with the honored name,Where we spend our happy youthful daysAnd make courage true our aim.Cheer our boys and girls to fight for the right'Neath the color of red and white,For we know that our hope of victory

Is in the Spirit of Barnstable High."

Grant Dunham

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