Barnstable High School Athletic Hall of Fame


Barnstable High School Historical Facts

Barnstable High School established


60 students attend classes on Sept. 6, 1892


Junior Warren Bowen forms first varsity football team. BHS loses to Sandwich in first game ever


Barnstable High School fielded its first-ever ice hockey team - It would not field another ice hockey team again until 1958; Its first ice hockey opponent in an official varsity game was Gloucester


Barnstable High School graduated 51 seniors


Barnstable HIgh School forms Middle School athletic teams (intermediate) in football, basketball and Baseball


There were 766 pupils enrolled at Barnstable High School


There were 100 students matriculating at Barnstable High School


Barnstable High School purchased athletic sweaters that were red with a white wool felt B hand sewn to the front - the sweaters were shared by the football team, ice hockey team and baseball team.


Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Memorial Skating Rink first opens


The first school newspaper was founded... The Raider Reader... later becoming The Insight


Barnstable High School matriculated 33 graduates to 2- or 4-year colleges or universities


The Barnstable Public Schools budget was projected at $11.3 million, but was approved at less


First-ever BHS Varsity tennis (boys) victory over New Bedford, 4-1


For the first time in 100 years, Barnstable High School allowed a varsity sport to be integrated with both males and females. Delvina Flaherty and Marcia Norman both signed up to participate on coach Hal Cornforth's Varsity Winter Track Team in the winter of 1973-1974. Flaherty ran the 600, 880 and 1000 yard events.


The autumn of 1974 proved to be the first time that female student-athletes were allowed to integrate onto the boys varsity cross country team and compete at a varsity level with their opposite gender peers. The first female cross country runners at BHS that fall were: Marcia Norman, Mary Duncan, Tami Snell, Crystal Williams and Carol Magnuson. Norman was the first female at BHS to represent her school at the All-State Competition.


This was the first school year that Barnstable began to take seriously the prospect of varsity gymnastics. 30 girls signed up to practice and prepare throughout the fall and winter and were coached by Pamela Cushing. The BHS Girls Gymnastics Club team gave an exhibition performance in November to a packed house in the BHS gymnasium.


The Barnstable High School Athletic Department opted to pay its girls varsity basketball coach the same amount as the boys varsity basketball coach. Girls varsity basketball had been in place since 1931. The boys team has played since 1926.


The Barnstable School Committee votes to equalize the pay to school baseball and softball coaches in spite of argument from supt. of schools that the two sports are "different."


Barnstable High School hired its first-ever athletic director -- then known as the Physical Director. His name was William P. "Billy" Bangs. He also coached football, basketball, tennis, baseball and track & field. There have been seven athletic directors since, including current athletic director Steve Francis. Bangs, W. Leo Shields, Elliot B. MacSwan, Dick Norman, Steve Goveia, John Palmer and Francis.


BHS Plays first-ever lacross game (boys) beneath the lights at Leo Shields Field vs. Sandwich.


BHS Girls Softball Team defeats Taunton, 10-6, and breaks Taunton's 112-game OCL winning streak


BHS caps its fourth-ever undfeated varsity football season with the 103-year-old program's greatest season to date, an 11-0 mark, that culminated in the school's first-ever state championship in football and a #1 ranking in Eastern Massachusetts by the Boston Globe. It was Coach Paul Demanche's 7th year at the helm.


First BHS Girls varsity ice hockey game vs. Duxbury at Plymouth's Armstrong Arena; First BHS girls' hat trick by Meghan Grace, as well as first goal ever scored by a varsity girls ice hockey player

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